Grüß Gott! Willkommen nach die Auskunft!

Who writes this ruddy thing, do you wonder?

Well, I’m a Christian and a feminist, which I don’t believe is an oxymoron. People like my compulsive photography and writing, and I’m slowly getting my work published. In three years of college, I’ve studied literature at Oxford, creative writing in California, and history and art across Europe. I miss Oxford; as I’ve been adjusting back to California life, I’ve medicated myself with large doses of Doctor Who and P. D. James.

Everything changes–that’s the lesson of both Ovid’s Metamorphoses and of my life at present. Because everything is changing for me, my blog is changing, too. Don’t worry; if you’re interested in literature, film, and travelling, this blog is still for you. But since I started this blog three years ago, I’ve gone from being a quasi-adult fresh from high school to a legal adult who has lived overseas, been promoted at work, and moved out of the house. Everything changes–including me and Die Zeitschrift.

Hence, I present new categories, and the days you can expect new posts in each one:

Sunday–Philthy: Philosophy & Theology

Monday–Politics, aka ‘Rubbish’


Wednesday–Being a Bookworm

Thursday–“Allonsy!”: Travel

Friday–Film & Telly

Saturday–British Nerdiness

If you want more British Nerdiness, go here: http://thefireandtherose.tumblr.com/

If you want more Randomness from fellow Bookworms, go here: http://beautifuleverydaythings.wordpress.com/


E. K. Phillips

P. S. I heartily believe that Oxford is better than Cambridge, if
only because Oxford blue is identical to TARDIS blue. Beat that.


One response to “About

  1. Vana

    Reading all of this makes me think of those good times that you and Morcarca and I had. Ahhh…. the memories.

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