Let College Begin!

I must apologize: My last several posts have been terribly depressing.


This one won’t be. Why?


SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Torrientation was amazing. Meeting and bonding with the kids in my group/cohort/thing (Lewis! Woot!) has been an incredibly positive—and psycho— experience. We hit people with noodles, dragged people off of tarps, tied balloons to our feet and ran around in the dark screaming, argued politics, stayed up too late, and tried to figure out the meaning to Homer’s obsession with flying spleens and people being stabbed in, above, next to, or through the nipple.


In contrast, SOS has been pathetic—more of a disorientation than an orientation; I felt more confident before orientation. One thousand two hundred people is a LOT of people. Finding a vaguely familiar face in a sea of quasi-adults is nearly impossible; not finding a vaguely familiar face in a sea of quasi-adults is terrifying. In such a multitude, one cannot help but meet new people and make small talk. Have I mentioned I hate small talk? And by time SOS rolled around, I was all ready sick of small talk and completely drained from all energy.


But soon there will be a purpose to the madness, a point to the small talk, and an end to the massive party—because school starts tomorrow.


Let college begin!




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One response to “Let College Begin!

  1. Vana

    Looking forward to hearing about that first day of classes!!!

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